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The Moppity Story

“In 2002, we began our search for a vineyard from which to pursue our dreams, it was with the intention of making world class Shiraz.” Jason and Alecia Brown

The Dream:
Jason Brown was raised in his family’s fine wine business. It was a time when Australian wine was known largely for producing big, bruising, “blockbuster” styles. By contrast, it was during this time, that JB developed a love for wines of elegance, brightness and finesse. A style of wine he dreamed of one day making.

The Journey:

By 2002, JB was looking to break away from the family business and follow his heart into wine making. He & wife Alecia, saw an opportunity to bring something new to the already rich landscape of Australian wine making. Therefore, they embarked on an Australia-wide journey to find the perfect vineyard.

They had a checklist which most notably included; mature vines, a cool climate (or high elevation) and most importantly, uncharted waters. It was JB’s determination to redefine perceptions of Australian wine that ultimately led them to Hilltops, Southern NSW in 2004.

The Reality:

The now named ‘Moppity Vineyard’ was already 30 years old when Jason & Alecia purchased it. However, it was another 11 years of trial and refinement before the true potential of the vineyard began to crystalize.

‘We referred to the vineyard as a sleeping giant. There was so much untapped potential when we purchased the vineyard in 2004. We have invested heavily in time and money, we are constantly listening to the vineyard and making improvements, and we still know the best is yet to come; that’s what makes the journey more exciting.’ Jason Brown

The Vineyard DNA;

The ‘Moppity-ness’ is the vineyard’s unique DNA. This is what separates Moppity wines from wines of other vineyards and regions. And therefore, what binds the Moppity wines, like members of a family.

It is especially relevant, that JB as winemaker, sees his job as expressing the terroir whilst making the winemaker imprint as transparent as possible.

The Rewards;

After years of focussed viticulture, Moppity Vineyards has now found its voice. Most noteworthy is that the individual characters found in each block, are now being more clearly expressed in the finished wines.

Consequently, Moppity Vineyard has emerged from one of Australia’s smallest wine regions to claim some of the biggest prizes in Australian wine making.

In total, Moppity Vineyards has been awarded over 1,000 Trophies and Medals since 2009.

Hilltops wine region


The Moppity Vineyard

“Producing Hand Crafted, High Elevation, Single Vineyard Wines”

Hilltops Wine Region:

On first inspection, it’s evident that the Moppity Vineyard in Hilltops, Southern NSW has a similar climate and elevation to its neighbours in Murrumbateman. A region that has already successfully etched its name as a great wine producing region.

Moppity’s  Unique Soil:

Yet dig a little deeper and you will see strong parallels between the soil at Moppity and that of Coté Rôtie in Northern Rhone. Moppity’s soil is sandy and shallow, rocky/gravelly granitic and free draining. Same as the soil in Coté Rôtie which is granitic, powdery, rocky and free-draining.

Furthermore, this soil type has a proven natural synergy with Shiraz. As a high vigour variety, this free draining soil forces the vines to work harder to seek out water and nutrients. As a result, it restricts vigour and yield, whilst concentrating flavour and building character and personality in the fruit.

Global Success:

Is the secret in the soil? Could this be why Moppity, is the only NSW winery to have won the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge (and won it twice; 2016 & 2014)?

The Moppity Vineyard, under the ownership of Jason and Alecia Brown (since 2004), has certainly emerged in recent years. They have claimed some of the most coveted prizes the wine industry has to offer, both in Australia and Internationally – and not just for Shiraz! Most of all, the Browns have always acknowledged how much of that success, has been underpinned by the site itself.

High Elevation:

The vineyard site is certainly special and unique within the Hilltops wine region. Not just because of the atypical soil, but it is also especially rare to find vineyards at its high elevation of 600m. In Australia, less than 1% of the viticultural land is at an elevation of 600m or more.

The high elevation produces a combination of warm days and cool nights. The vines work hard during the day and shut down at night. This constant “on/off” cycle results in greater flavour concentration with lower sugar/alcohol and higher natural acid levels, creating wines with more balance and refinement.

Vineyard Size:

The Moppity Vineyard is one of the largest in the region. At 170 acres there is an endless mix of blocks which are planted to various clones, with a variety of aspects and soil types. Jason and Alecia, have managed to release the true potential of the vineyard, unlocking a kaleidoscope of flavour and textural profiles, allowing the vineyard to speak through the wines, revealing a harmonious union of power and elegance.


The Moppity Reclassification Programme

“Our ‘top-down’ approach leads to better wines throughout the range” Jason Brown

What is Reclassification?

The mature Moppity Vineyard, with its gnarly old vines, is perfect for producing ultra-premium wines. By comparison, the vineyard is considerably larger than what is required for premium production.

Since 2009, all of the fruit on the vineyard has been cared for as though it is going into the Reserve label. Realistically, Moppity will only ever make a maximum of 400 cases (of the Reserve’s), meaning the excess is reclassified to the tiers below. Consequently, there’s Reserve wine in every ‘Moppity’ wine.

How does it Work?

To make a Reserve Wine you need to apply high-end, expensive and intensive viticultural practices. This is normally applied to just a few blocks because the low yields maximise the cost (which is justified by the increase in quality).

World class wines have personality and complexity. To put the Moppity Reserve wines into that same elite global class, JB needed more building components.

Vineyard Practices

From 2009, the same expensive viticultural practices and low yield targets have been applied to the entire vineyard. Streaming every block to Reserve level.

At 170 acres, the Moppity Vineyard has a magical mix of unique blocks, planted to various clones on undulating terrain with a variety of aspects, elevations and soil types. In the right season, any of the thirty blocks are able to produce Reserve grade wine; each with its own unique personality. Therefore providing more than enough Reserve quality fruit.

The Outcome

By utilising all of the fruit on the vineyard, JB has unlocked a kaleidoscope of flavour and textural profiles, which have built much more complex Reserve wines.

In addition to that, and as a direct result of funnelling the excess fruit into Moppity’s other labels, Moppity has built a strong, consistent brand that regularly over delivers in both quality and value. It’s certainly not the ‘normal’ approach, but it has worked well for Moppity. With high praise from Australia’s leading wine critic, James Halliday being awarded across the ranges;

The Reserve Range

“undoubted excellence” & “an unforgettable taste experience”

The Estate Range

“these could stand up to the best in the World at prices three to five times higher”

The Lock & Key Range

“exceptional value for money”


Do you have a cellar door?

I’m afraid not, at this stage our primary focus is on the vineyard. We are committed to a continued effort, to invest and improve upon our site because we see so much potential in it. And to be honest, we enjoy being low-key (probably why it’s taken us 5 years to create this website)!

Where can I buy your wines?

We make small batch artisanal wines, and we choose to work with independent outlets that share a similar passion for quality over profit. You won’t find any of our wines in any of the supermarket superpowers, our philosophies are far too far apart (like ying and yang), but if you would like to contact us via orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997 we can tell you where your nearest outlet is, and now you can buy wines direct from our website.

If I buy from your website, when will my wines arrive?

Delivery times are between 7 to 10 business days depending on your address.

Can I have my wine delivered to a PO Box?

Yes, we can deliver your wine to a PO Box.

Can the courier leave my wine if I’m not there to sign for it?

Yes, you can opt to have your wine left without a delivery signature however, Moppity doesn’t accept any responsibility for wines once they’ve been delivered by the courier company.

If you aren’t home at the time of delivery, and you haven’t opted for your wine to be left unattended then it will be redirected to your local post office and a delivery notification will be left in your letterbox.

Which delivery company do you use?

Our preferred courier is Australia Post (depending on freight rates and delivery times) but others may be used upon request – please contact us for more information via orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997

Is my Purchase insured?

Goods are insured within freight charges against physical damage or loss to a maximum of $300 per carton. If you require additional insurance please contact orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997 for rates.

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Placing your Order
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Returns Policy
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