Wine Club Membership; Member’s Benefits!

“One cannot do justice to a great bottle alone. Someone with whom to ooh and aah is indispensable.” Kermit Lynch

Interested in joining a Wine Club? You’ll get some great benefits when you do…..

QUALITY- Did you know Moppity Vineyards alone has won over 1000 Trophies and Medals since 2009, including winner of the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge in 2014 & 2016. We are the only NSW winery to have won the Challenge and the only single vineyard producer to have won it twice!

VERSATILITY- We produce a range of wine styles at a variety of price points. In our wine club, we recommend wines but ultimately you choose which wines you receive. After all when you commit to two dozen wines per year, you want to know that you’ll have a variety of wines that will keep YOU interested.

FLEXABILITY- Not only do you choose which wines you receive but we also let YOU tell us, when you would like to receive them. Tailor your membership to suit your lifestyle.

Exclusive Member Benefits;

1. Guaranteed Value
              •  – No Club Shipping Charges AND No Shipping Charges on repeat orders for Wine Club Members!
              •  – Save 30% off Recommended Retail Price
              •  – No Membership Fees
              •  – 100% Guarantee on quality, of every bottle of wine we ship
2. Discover More & Learn More
            •  – Immerse yourself into the world of Small Batch, Single Vineyard Wines.
            •  – Discover the taste of wines made at high altitude, from a cool climate.
            •  – Join our Wine Community and share your thoughts and experiences.
            •  – Share in our Journey with updates from us and invitations to attend exclusive member functions.
            •  – Early Notification available for access to pre-release wines.