Water Is Precious

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Media Release – Sustainable Goals
Water is precious.
It’s our dam responsibility to save every last drop!


Maintaining a reliable and sustainable vineyard water supply whilst experiencing the effects of climate change, can be quite challenging. We have a 170acre vineyard made up of very thirsty soil; sandy and shallow, rocky/gravelly granitic and free draining. Ideal for producing high quality grapes, but not so great for the environment.
There was a dam on the vineyard when we purchased it back in 2004, but it was often only half full and sometimes went dry in the summer months. During the growing season the Hilltops wine region sees an average of 310mm of rainfall, which compared to some regions is quite generous, but when you lose most of that to soil seepage, you have no choice but to become reliant on the town water supply.
Wanting to be better environmental citizens, we set about investigating ways that we could improve our water usage and be more self sufficient with regard to our water supply. There were two crucial elements that we needed to address; to harvest & retain more rainwater and to prevent seepage and evaporation.
After much research, we decided to expand the size of our dam and to install geomembrane liners and covers. By taking this approach:
• Our Dam now collects water at a 98% efficiency rate
• The new lined Dam now minimizes water seepage by 100%
• The cover minimizes evaporation by about 70%
• The cover also maintains high water quality by reducing algae growth from sunlight (bonus for the vines)
We are always looking for ways where we can make better farming decisions to improve the vineyard and lessen our footprint on the environment. Our goal is to be a responsible steward of the land; while focusing on high quality and economically viable grape growing, we also hope to reduce our Carbon footprint and protect the surrounding environment. It doesn’t matter how small the step, as long as we continue to make the change.

Do you have a cellar door?

I’m afraid not, at this stage our primary focus is on the vineyard. We are committed to a continued effort, to invest and improve upon our site because we see so much potential in it. And to be honest, we enjoy being low-key (probably why it’s taken us 5 years to create this website)!

Where can I buy your wines?

We make small batch artisanal wines, and we choose to work with independent outlets that share a similar passion for quality over profit. You won’t find any of our wines in any of the supermarket superpowers, our philosophies are far too far apart (like ying and yang), but if you would like to contact us via orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997 we can tell you where your nearest outlet is, and now you can buy wines direct from our website.

If I buy from your website, when will my wines arrive?

Delivery times are between 7 to 10 business days depending on your address.

Can I have my wine delivered to a PO Box?

Yes, we can deliver your wine to a PO Box.

Can the courier leave my wine if I’m not there to sign for it?

Yes, you can opt to have your wine left without a delivery signature however, Moppity doesn’t accept any responsibility for wines once they’ve been delivered by the courier company.

If you aren’t home at the time of delivery, and you haven’t opted for your wine to be left unattended then it will be redirected to your local post office and a delivery notification will be left in your letterbox.

Which delivery company do you use?

Our preferred courier is Australia Post (depending on freight rates and delivery times) but others may be used upon request – please contact us for more information via orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997

Is my Purchase insured?

Goods are insured within freight charges against physical damage or loss to a maximum of $300 per carton. If you require additional insurance please contact orders@moppity.com.au or 02 6382 7997 for rates.

By placing an order through this website you agree to the following trade terms and conditions:

Ordering your Wine
There are laws in Australia that do not allow the sale of alcohol to any person under the age of 18yrs. It also illegal for any person under the age of 18yrs to attempt to purchase alcohol. Therefore, by placing an order you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or older. Furthermore, wine deliveries purchased by a person over the age of 18yrs, cannot be signed for by someone under the age of 18yrs.

Placing your Order
There is a one case (12 bottle) minimum order. For orders less than 12 or for overseas freight, please contact the winery on + 61 2 6382 6222 or orders@moppity.com.au
Moppity offers free freight within Australia for orders of two cases or more. All prices are inclusive of GST. When you have placed an online order, an email receipt will be sent to your email address.

Payment Security
We have one of the most secure payment system available. Details of your wine order, contact details and delivery instructions will not be given to anyone.

Delivery Timetable
Your order will be delivered by a courier company selected or Australia Post. Delivery times will depend on your delivery address. But please notify us if you have not received your order within 10 days. Please notify us of any delivery problems or breakages immediately via phone or email;02 6382 6222 or orders@moppity.com.au

Returns Policy
If you receive a wine that has been damaged in the delivery process or is faulty we will replace it. If you are not 100% happy with your wine purchase for any reason please contact us immediately via phone or email;02 6382 6222 or orders@moppity.com.au

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